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I guess I’m having a brain freeze, considering that for Portland, not to mention for the Sahara, it’s been really really really cold all week. It’s actually been incredible: gorgeous blue sky; winter sunsets in lavender and primrose against a tracery of branches; slanting January sunlight, thin and clear; 200-foot waterfalls freezing in the Columbia River Gorge. Donn spent a day photographing at the Japanese gardens and got stunning photographs of ice patterns, bamboo shadows, and peaceful, vivid green lawns.
The only problem is that Portland in winter can be a little like Narnia–always winter, but never snow. Ilsa, who prayed for snow every year in the Sahara Desert, is understandably disappointed. We did get snow on Christmas Day, it did stick, but only for a few hours–and that’s been it so far.
I’m also having a hard time coming up with blog posts. Life is not boring–we continue to have turmoil in home schooling (HOW could it take us all day? Why?), close friends are dealing with an in-house crisis (joys of teenagers), I had to do a skit with a friend in front of a group of women (who laughed gratifyingly but still), my duplex neighbours are apparently rearranging furniture, but only at 1 a.m.; but nothing has seemed blogworthy, worth wasting your time.
So, lucky for me I got tagged with a meme by Suburban Correspondent. Now before I go any further, I would like to acknowledge those who have tagged with memes that I have never done and who are now saying, “Hey! What’s up with her doing someone else’s meme?” Sorry. Feel free to retag, and maybe this time, desperate for writing material, I’ll do it. Maybe. My muse is fickle.
I did this meme (6 random, inconsequential things about me) once before. I nattered on for hours about how inconsequential I am, then used the actual meme space to announce we were leaving Mauritania. I can’t be anywhere near that dramatic this time. Also I refuse to tag people and you can’t make me. You’re not the boss of me.

  1. I like cold weather. Donn doesn’t, vocally.
  2. I like to make my kids do the dishes. Works for me!
  3. I will never home school again. (blah blah correspondence school whatever blah blah teachers in France blah )
  4. I think Ilsa is going to be one of those women who sing words when they’re excited. It’s actually really funny, considering her snide, I have two brothers, side.
  5. It does too count to have a random thing be about my daughter. We are like twins.
  6. I haven’t worn a skirt since we left Mauritania. Isn’t that fun? I wore one there most of the time, because I am sensitive to others’ culture like that. I have some fun linen Old Navy skirts (brown, black, tan), and a teal pouffy one (sounds strange; looks cute with white t-shirt and brown kitten-heeled sandals from Nordstrom Rack), all ankle length. I still have them, hanging forgotten in my closet. I do not miss them.

Donn wants to watch a movie, so I’m going to go now. Watch this space for more exciting yet inconsequential thoughts, coming soon. Feel free to leave topic suggestions in comments, should you not be suffering from brain freeze yourself.
I can’t believe I’m posting this either.

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