I know these should be arranged in some way but just couldn’t do it. I have always been hopeless at organization. For example, I came up quickly with two sample categories, “expat blogs” and “mom blogs,” but bogged down terribly at the “expat mom blogs.” So I leave them all in alphabetical order, which is pretty darn logical, you must admit. Click on one at random and be surprised!

Adelaide from Adelaide

Alien in a Foreign Field

All Rileyed Up

Antique Mommy

Author Mom with Dogs

Bean Paste

Bearshaped Sphere

Big Mama

Boo Mama

Bub & Pie

Cake Wrecks

Crazy Bob’s House of Random Thoughts

Expat Abroad

Expat Women


Food & Family

Frog & Toad Are Still Friends

Here In Idaho


Journey Mama

Leslie Gould


Life, the Universe, & Everything



Mental Tesserae

My Sister’s Farmhouse

Navel Gazing at its Finest

Nothing But Bonfires

Our Little Tongginator


Poppy Fields

Pudgy Millions

Resident Alien

Rocks in my Dryer


Shalee’s Diner

Slouching Past 40


Suburban Correspondent

Things I’ve Found in Pockets

Toddled Dredge

Wacky Mommy

Urban Travel Girl