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Today was bitterly cold, spitting rain, a lovely day to implement the New and Improved Exercise Plan on Planet Nomad. I dragged the kids out of the house where they huddled, uttering piercing cries, under our sole umbrella. Still, I was grimly determined to Exercise and Exercise we did! We had a very nice walk, I thought. The whole family is looking a little like we spent the month of December lying around the house and eating. I can’t imagine why.
I have decided to make realistic Resolutions this year. Therefore, I’m only going to lose 10 pounds in January–the rest can come off later. Also, this is the year I finish my book. No really. No matter that in the last 4 months I have written precisely 2 pages of it–things are different, now. I can feel it. Change is in the air, along with sleet.
Also, this is the year I’m going to get my housekeeping thing down; no more clutter corners, no more leaving spilled glitter on the bathroom counter for days on end. Ilsa must learn to clean up after herself.
Also, gourmet meals. Every night.
Maybe this year I can grow my own wheat? No, I’ll leave that for next year. Besides, it’s not that important to me.
The point is, this year’s going to be different. In a good way. Yeah, that’s it.

What about you? What realistic intentions do you have?

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