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Wow. That is the most comments I have EVER gotten, including when I shamelessly begged for some. I have obviously struck a chord. I’m planning to follow up with questions about the flu, headaches, diarrhea, and more! Anything to get comments!
THANK YOU THANK YOU for your kind advice. I am much better. On Friday I took nasty generic Nyquil (slimy, poison-green; it took me 10 minutes to work up the nerve to gulp down the entire two-tablespoonful-for-adults) and slept well; on Saturday I spent most of the day in bed and managed to finish all my library books plus The New Yorker. I also drank copious amounts of tea and juice, and ate zinc lozenges by the handful. By Sunday I was nearly all better, and today I’m fine except for a certain lingering tiredness and the occasional sneeze. I am also feeling much better prepared for any further colds/flus. Thanks again.
I’ve been wracking my brains to come up with another question so that I could get more comments, but today was Official Back-to-Work-and-School Day. I woke to my clock radio giving news of school closures due to snow all over the state, but outside our house, all was its usual green and grey. So I dragged (literally; he landed with a big thump!) Elliot out of bed and made him go walking with me. I tell you, this home schooling is not for wimps! We need to get EPS (Education physique-sportive) in there somehow. And nothing makes a brisk walk through the freezing air (my face hurt again!) more fun than dragging a foul-mooded 12 year-old along with you. He makes it stimulating and informative.
I have to say the rentree (back to school) went well. I type that with fear and trepidation, knowing that tomorrow will no doubt disappoint. But we even did Spanish AND music, and then went to the library where we checked out a gajillion new books. They were hard to carry out to the car! You can also see why Donn usually does the math section for me. In real life, I think we only got 44. Or so.
Last night, the kids were all groaning about the End of Vacation and comparing it to the End of Life as We Know It and a Nuclear Holocaust and all sorts of other things. I was a little surprised. That is, I know none of them actually like school, and it’s not like we’re dancing about strewing roses with our love for CNED. But for his entire time in school, Elliot has practically cried at the end of vacations because he hates how the teachers yell at the class, and how the other kids act up so much. It’s been like this since Kindergarten for him. So, in my naïveté, I thought that at least this year he wouldn’t have to worry about those things. I don’t yell THAT much, and the twins, other than their penchant for writing questions on paper airplanes and flinging them at me, are fairly calm. So why the histrionics?
Because that’s who he is. Elliot is never one to keep perspective, to stay calm when faced with a crisis, although he is developing the driest, most sarcastic sense of humour to go with his new-and-improved octave-lower voice. He’s cheered up now, seeing that once again it really wasn’t that bad.
In other news, Donn got a beret!  It has the side effect of making him speak in an outrageous faux-French accent, but at least it keeps the kids amused. And in case you were wondering, I heard from a friend, who read it in an old (not THAT old) copy of the LA Times, that berets are still “in.” Phew!

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