I get so many of these and it seems only fair to share them with you. Some of them make me wonder about the crazy people out there who nonetheless know how to type, and some of them make me wonder about the wisdom of google, because these topics have nothing to do with me and life here on Planet Nomad. An example of both might be the poor lost soul searching for “an event that happened uneventfully.” Get that person a Thesaurus! Besides, here on “red sandstorm planet” (another search, and not only a great description of Mauritania, but a great name for this blog) ALL events happen eventfully!

Where are camptown ladies?” At the camel races, of course.

windows were made by soaking cloth in this oil in the colonial days.” Apparently the web thinks Mauritania is still stuck in the 1700s. Hey the web said it, not me!

idiom of knots in stomach” Um, isn’t this already an idiom?

explain the idioms said by scout to kill” Ok, I know google considers me the leading expert on idioms. But killing idioms? Isn’t that like a cutting wit—in itself an idiom? Oh my head hurts.

reasons for reading romeo and juliet.” Oh they are many. But if you have to ask the web, well, perhaps classic literature is not for you.

antique nomad surfboard” Worked great on sand dunes, presumably.

browning nomad arm” What I do a little of every day.

jellyfish sting tan tights” Ok, I get the first 2 words. And the last 2 work together as well. But all 4? Nope. I get nothing.

obsessed with Mona” As are we all, to some degree or another. I mean, I guess.

Why do we have to drink camel milk?” This one struck a deep chord with me. I’ve asked myself that same question a few times, although I’ve never asked the web.

smoked salmon parasites facial rash” Have I ever mentioned any of these things? No. This sounds like a problem for my husband, who recently started his own NGO—Doctors Without Formal Education. That is, assuming the irascible Dr. House is too busy to deign to pay attention to this cry for help.

where can you buy dolphins milk?” I have no idea. Sounds like traditional medicine here, which states that drinking lion’s urine can cure diabetes. But, how do you know it’s really from a lion, not a donkey? I’d be skeptical of any so-called dolphin’s milk.

debbie, wife of tabby from neighbours” Sometimes it’s best not to know.

popular nomad desert tribe.” Maybe we could have a contest to choose. I’m voting for Aicha’s tribe.

And, last but not least: “mauritania everyone birthday december 31” I know about this. Until recently, people didn’t know when their actual birthday was. When they put in place a system of national identity cards, they just automatically put everyone’s birthday on either Dec. 31 or Jan. 1. So it would seem that everyone over about 30 was born on one of those days. If this is confusing to you, ask the web!