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Anyone who read this blog during our years in Morocco knows how much I love the Rabat medina.



When we lived there, I was always posting pictures about it. Nothing’s changed.




I just accidentally hit “publish” instead of “preview.” Augh! Oh well. Enjoy these pictures, and come back tomorrow for more pics and a teeny bit more text.



Things at the medina on Thursday afternoon that mystified me:

  1. a man riding a motorcycle sidesaddle. This was afterwards, while we were getting a pouf stuffed.
  2. a man taking a lighter and applying it to a pair of sandals I was considering. He wanted to show me that it was real leather, but I didn’t want to flame a new pair of sandals, especially since they were the only pair he had in my size.
  3. then, to show me that the sole was “real rubber” and therefore comfortable, he twisted the sandal into a corkscrew. Oddly, that did not make me more inclined to buy.
  4. I have been needing a new purse for a while, and I fell in love with this turquoise model. I don’t think, in all the years I’ve been carrying a purse, I’ve ever owned one that wasn’t black, brown or grey. Well, maybe in the 80s I had a white one. So this is a real break with tradition. What do you think? Too bold? Too limiting? Or just fun?

5. Donn is an excellent bargainer and he got the purse for nearly half of the starting price. The young man had been protesting all along that we were family, that we were his clients and good friends (we do frequent his shop). After he agreed to Donn’s price, with a great show of reluctance and after we walked out three times, I told him that I’d bring ALL my friends to him! He jokingly muttered something like, “As long as you don’t bring your husband.”

6.  we had large glasses of fresh-squeezed orange juice for about 60 cents each. They were delicious. The glasses and oranges were washed in the same tub of water, but I feel it adds a certain je ne sais quoi to the taste! Just kidding. The juice is fantastic, and studies have proven a certain amount of ingested microbes only strengthen your immune system.

7. men sewing poufs. Moroccan leather poufs are famous. Named for the little noise, the pouf, they make as you sit down on them, they are fantastic examples of handicraft, and come in a staggering array of colours, shapes, and sizes. New since our last visit—gold ones! For the Liberaces among us!

        This is what they start with–brightly-dyed leather roll-ups. They smelled like they were goat to me.

        And a glimpse of the finished projects:

        And one final look at finished, stuffed poufs:

        8. this window was near where we had the pouf stuffed. I don’t know how well you can see it, but it’s filled with random bits of stuffing and two or three stuffed teddy bears, stuck right down in the corners, as if they are looking out and contemplating their own origins. I feel it is a very existential window treatment.

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