Gosh is it dusty here! How long is it since I wrote an actual post? Things have gotten awfully neglected around here, but strap in and stick around for a while, because soon I am going to start posting a lot.

First, though, let’s do some catch-up.

La Rentreé:

Back to school was a little different this year. Elliot slept in, and I got up at 6 and made blueberry-buttermilk pancakes from scratch, completely forgetting that I am not that type of mother at all. I am definitely of the cold-cereal variety, the type of mother who gets up 10 minutes before the bus comes to make sure her children get out the door, and presumes they can get themselves up/showered/dressed/fed. So I don’t know what came over me, besides the fact that someone had given me some buttermilk. I made them pancakes and then cooked up the rest of the batter when Donn, Elliot, and I got up (again, in my case. Why yes, I do sometimes go back to bed after they leave. Because I can, and you all wish you could too!).

The twins were a little shocked (you’re up? you made pancakes? why?) but they managed to choke down a few pancakes with maple syrup, washed down with coffee, before heading off to their first day of classes as juniors.

Ilsa had decided over the summer not to do full IB. (Here’s their website for those of you not familiar with IB). Elliot did it, and did very well, but she decided to do a mix of IB and regular classes so she could continue to fit in her social life. So I was surprised to get a text from her about 10:30 that morning (yes, we were up and had eaten pancakes by that point!) announcing she was going to do full IB after all.

I got the full story after school. In her higher level Psych class, the teacher announced, “Anyone here know Elliot?” Ilsa slid down a little  in her seat, looked carefully into the lower-middle distance. “He was an amazing student, the best I ever had,” went on the teacher, and proceeded to tell everyone how he was the most mature student she’d ever had and how he got the highest score possible on his IB exam even though they’d made the exam harder that year and how proud she was of him and how if they could only dream of being half as awesome as he was, or something like that. Ilsa slid lower and lower, while all her friends laughed at her.

“You never admitted being his sister?” I asked, amused. “No way,” said Ilsa. “But I’m going to do full IB and be really organized and I’m taking 4 higher levels instead of 3 like he did. So that’s better.”

I pointed out that it didn’t count, her taking French as an HL to Elliot taking Spanish as a SL (standard level), when Spanish was his 3rd language and she went to school in French until she was in Grade 8. Her French class is so easy for her, rather like her English classes in French school were.

Abel outed her. He has the same class at a different time (I wrote “in a different world.” What the heck? Who knows where my brain goes…). When the teacher began by asking if anyone knew the Incomparable Elliot, he shot his hand up. “He’s my brother,” he said. Afterwards he went to her. Now Abel and Elliot are so completely opposite that many people who know them both don’t realize they’re brothers. (Example: Elliot dark and stocky, Abel fair and slender-ish. (no one in this family is skinny) Elliot snarky, Abel sweet. Elliot academically-oriented, Abel video-game oriented. And so much more) Abel told the teacher, “I am not my brother.” But in the course of the conversation, he mentioned his twin. I figure the psych teacher is going to have a blast psycho-analyzing our family after having all 3 of my very different children in her class.

As for how I feel about her praising Elliot to the skies, half of me is Elliot’s mother and thrilled. She gets him! He’s so awesome! That’s my son! And half of me is the twins’ mother, and annoyed at her for putting an unfair burden of comparison on their sweet little shoulders. What do you think?

La Rentreé, 2eme:

It was weird, having Elliot round the house when the twins went back to school. His summer job ended mid-Sept (a little earlier than he was hoping it would), and although he picked up a few odd jobs here and there, he was definitely around a bit more, especially in the mornings. Last week we took him off to college. We drove down to Eugene (he’s attending the Univ of Oregon), which is about 2 hours south of here, took him out to lunch and then found his dorm. We’ve been having stormy November-type wind and rain round here, so I wore a nice thick sweater and neglected to layer, so naturally the sun beat down and I nearly died of heatstroke.

I feel that sending my eldest off to college deserves its own post, so I’ll just say he’s doing fine and we’re doing fine. You never know, I might actually post about it. Don’t be a pessimist.

Le Voyage:

Did you know that I have spent the last 3 years in the same country? I have even mostly been in the same state, except for brief forays into California, Indiana and Pennsylvania. This is bad. I remember my shock in December 2011, realizing that I’d been in the US for the entire calendar year.

All this to say, the feet, they are itchin’ to travel!

And….we are going to! Donn and I have been given the chance to visit Morocco and Mauritania next month! I can tell you we are beyond excited about this, and I’m planning to blog the heck out of the trip.