So it’s Spring Break here in Oregon, and we are spending 3 days with our friends at the beach. Naturally it’s raining but I don’t mind. We’re hanging out, watching tv, talking. It’s good.

I brought several books, of course, but my hostess brought all the Hunger Games trilogy for her kids so instead I’m reading that.

Let’s keep this short and sweet–I’m off to visit a beach town. Also, I’m typing this on someone’s iPad. I don’t think these tablets will ever take off.


Portrait of a Spy. I didn’t like this one all that much. It’s the sort of book people read on airplanes and it’s well-written for its genre. But I felt I could discern the author’s politics a little too easily for my taste. Read my review if you’re curious, although I was very mild-mannered.

Hunger Games. I already wrote my thoughts on the character of Katniss. I found the book memorable; I can’t get it out of my mind.

Before the Poison. Did I mention I’m at the beach? I really liked this one. Go read my review if you want to know more.

A Good American.

Duty to the Dead. The first of the Bess Crawford series. Very enjoyable. I will write up my thoughts later.


What to Look for in Winter.  Fascinating, beautifully crafted, memoir of author Candia McWilliam’s life and recent blindness.

Catching Fire. The second of the Hunger Games trilogy, for those of you that live in a box.  Really good so far, although Elliot says its not as good as the first.


I can’t remember. I have a huge stack at home. Sorry to be lame, but this iPad is annoying to type on. I haven’t even tried to put in links yet. Wish me luck!

So, what are you reading? And have you tried typing on an iPad? If so, what did you think? And do you think they’ll ever catch on?