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Live blogging the Star Wars marathon…

Not really. I doubt any of us would enjoy that, and if you think I’m staying up all night for the dubious pleasure of watching these movies yet again, you are wrong. I’m just hoping I manage to sleep.


They are quoting the movies, all the lines, word for word. How is it that these boys, who don’t do their homework and have a hard time remember basic math facts, can recite line for line for line?

Also, it’s pretty funny watching a group of 14 year old boys (and one just-turned 15) watch the love scenes. They no longer mock, but they squirm.


This is Abel’s party this year; 3 friends, 6 movies, one very long night. We had a  discussion in the car earlier today.

Me: Do you want cake or Welsh cakes or cupcakes or what? What kind of cake?

Abel: Do we have two bags of chocolate chips? You could make a double batch of chocolate chip cookie dough and we could just eat that.

Ilsa: Yeah! Awesome!

Donn and I: (in unison) Ewwww! Yuck. Really?

Me: also probably people are expecting cake and ice-cream.

Abel: I didn’t tell them we were having cake and ice-cream. I didn’t say it was a birthday party. I just said, “It’s my birthday and we’re going to stay up all night and watch all the Star Wars.” So no one’s expecting cake.



Me: Abel, you don’t have to mention it. EVERYBODY, at least in America, has cake and ice-cream at their birthday, or something equivalent.

Ilsa: It’s like if you say to someone, “Do you want to hang out?” you don’t have to tell them to wear clothes.

Me: exactly. Um. ???

Donn: We are going to breathe air!

So I made a lot of pizza, some of which is sitting out for them to eat at 3 a.m. I made a cake, which I don’t think is that good. I pleaded with the boys to eat it all during the night, and I have high hopes they will. We have microwave popcorn and coke.

It’s nearly midnight. I think I am going to go to bed.


Thoughts on Modern Blogs

I hate this new anti-spam software. Sometimes I try to leave comments on your blogs, and I type in those darn random letters, and I am sure I get it right but still blogger rejects me. And sometimes I can’t read the squirmy letters at all. So if I no longer comment, it may be your fault–or at least your over-vigilant anti-spam software. I just tried to leave a comment on another blog, and I gave up after 10 attempts.

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