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I get up with the kids (well, after they’ve showered. Why should I be up while they are showering?) at 6:30, which is far too early. I make our usual pot of coffee and inadvertently drink the whole thing myself. I am so tired. I’m supposed to be cleaning, but instead I sit and vegetate in front of the dim glow of my computer screen. I tell myself I am learning what’s going on in the world. And I am.

8:00. I finally get going. I eat, shower, and manage to clean the bathrooms and do dishes. Michelle has lived with me before–she can handle the fact that I haven’t made her bed (aka Elliot’s bed) yet. (Sheets are in dryer)

10:15. We pick her up at the airport and head home, where I make another pot of coffee and drink most of it. We have muffins and talk and talk and talk. It’s 3 years since we’ve seen each other, which actually sounds longer than it feels in some ways.

2:00. I take her to meet Suzi. It’s ages since I’ve seen her, but we have fun talking about different things, most of which have slipped my mind now. She serves us Tang and triple-chocolate cake.

3:30. We go to visit Nadia. I am running out of pseudonyms for my Iraqi friends. We have a great time. She serves us pepsi and cookies.

6:00. Home. The kids are excited to see her (she used to babysit them in Mauritania) and give hugs. I make dinner, we sit outside, Donn decides to make Mauritanian tea on the charcoal. We sit under the stars and talk some more.

8:30. We are trying to come up with the final poster for Abel’s campaign. Donn has a brilliant idea. What do you think? It cracks me up. But will the freshman a. get it and b. respond well to it?

P.S. My apologies to Donn for messing up his beautiful poster by trying to smudge out the last name. The kid already has an unusual name; thought it’d be smart to not put his whole name up. Although, does it matter?

P.S. 2 This picture of Abel cracks me up! The combination of the look on his face, his hair, and the bomb behind him… I figure that even if the other students don’t like/get it, it’s sort of a gift for the teachers and staff.

10:30. Michelle is tired from traveling all night and goes to bed. Elliot goes to bed on the futon. I ignore him and continue typing, and also giggling at Abel’s poster. Also, after the sheer volume of caffeine consumed today, impressive even for me, will I be able to sleep? I’ll let you know tomorrow.

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