Few things so blank the mind as this question. Ummm…. I dunno? Here’s some of what I’ve read recently.

The Art of Forgetting: Loved this one. It’s a novel about a long-term friendship, and those of us lucky enough to have people who’ve been actively involved in our lives for a very long time know that we’ve gone through some pretty hairy situations (ok now I’m totally sidetracked. Why do we use “hairy” as an idiom for something bad or nasty? See my previous post). The novel starts when one friend gets hit by a cab and sustains a head injury that changes her personality, but like I said, it’s really a novel about friendship.

Turn Right at Maccu Pichu: Loved this one too. I linked to my review at 5MFB.

The Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s Wives: This was a fascinating look at a polygamous Nigerian family. Although the main story-line follows the 4th wife, the youngest and best-educated, and her seeming infertility, the novel goes back and forth between different points of view, and we learn the stories of each wife and why she married Baba Segi. At times humourous, at others heart-breaking, it’s a well-written and enjoyable book.

The Good Muslim: I linked to my review. I loved this book for many reasons, but one was because you end up seeing the complex reasons people make the choices they do. It’s not a simple black-and-white world out there, and we’re affected by what we experience.

This Burns My Heart: This book is mostly a lesson in how not to marry the wrong guy! But it’s also a look at life in South Korea in the years following the Korean War and the division of the country into North and South. The main character, Soo-Ja, is a rich girl who lacks nothing but the freedom to choose to go and study in Seoul, and she marries a man against her parents’ wishes, believing he’ll allow her that freedom. This is a bit of a spoiler but it happens fairly early on, so I’m telling you anyway. Soo-ja is flawed, believable, and in the end admirable. At least I assume so—I haven’t quite finished it. But I like her. She’s got grit and she’s not a whiner.

The Four Kitchens: Linked to my review. This is a fun combo memoir/cookbook about a young chef who travels the world. I know! Food and travel—two of my favs.

Her Sister’s Shadow: Also linking to my review. It’s a giveaway too, and you still have time to enter. Go! Now! Then come back cuz I’m not done.

In my endless stack of TBR, which are not on my nightstand at all but in a large ungainly pile in the living room:
State of Wonder

In Malice, Quite Close

Telling Lies

Finding Aster: Our Ethiopian Adoption Story

Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand (I’ve been wanting to read this one for ages and just borrowed it from a friend.)

…and many, many more!

Well that ought to keep me busy! What have you been reading lately? Anything good?