Don’t hate me because I live in Oregon, where we’ve been having a cool rainy summer and griping about it. I know many of you can’t say the same. But we did plan a hike with our guests, only to have it rained out. What to do? Donn covered himself with glory by setting up his lights and backgrounds, handing the three 14-year-olds his camera, and letting them do a photo shoot.

They had a total blast. Ilsa in particular, who practices her pout for hours on end and views dramatic make-up as “painting” and “creative,” was in her element.

The outfits were most dramatic.

This one is supposed to be black and white. Ilsa did her lips in eye shadow. Ew.

The actual pictures came out much better. These were taken with my little point-and-shoot. Plus Donn taught Ilsa the basics of photoshop, and she had a blast adding in layers and layers of special effects.

Think my kids are dramatic enough? 

A thoroughly good time was had by all, especially me as the observer. They were very, very  funny. If I get around to it, I will post some of the real pictures. Ilsa has had to add “fashion photographer and designer” to her list of career plans, along with artist and writer and, maybe, rocker chick and dancer. She’s come a long way since she was 4 and her career plan was “princess surfer.”