Books! It’s time again for Five Minutes for Books monthly round-up of what we’re reading, have read, plan to read, and all SORTS of other tenses!

Have Read:

Last month I read two books that I thoroughly enjoyed: The Civilized World and Daughters in Law. You should read them too. You’d love them.

Am Reading:

I’m currently in the middle of The Last Time I Saw Paris and, frankly, it’s okay but a bit disappointing. It’s the sort of book that a book club would love so there is that, if you’re in a book club. (Seriously, where are all these book clubs? Why does no one invite me to be in a book club? I am fantastic in book clubs, if you want someone who talks slightly too much but has always finished the book) It’s not bad, but I should have judged it by its cover—it’s just a bit cliché.

Am also reading Forgetting English, a collection of short stories set in locales around the world. So far, Tonga, Antarctica, and Japan. I’m enjoying it! She’s a really good writer.

Oh I’m also in the middle of Black Milk: On Writing, Motherhood, and the Harem Within and am thoroughly enjoying it. Elif Shafak is funny and personable and warm and relatable. Plus I had it with me and it sparked some great discussions with an Iraqi friend about how marriage and motherhood change a woman’s life, especially if she is a creative and artistic woman.

Soon I will read:

The Map of True Places: A Novel

Sisters of the Sari

Tales of an African Vet

How Shakespeare Changed Everything, since I still haven’t gotten to this one.

Starcrossed (this one Ilsa and I are both going to read and review. She danced about and hugged it because the cover was so pretty. I am viewing it with somewhat less excitement)

A bunch of library books. Which reminds me—I need to go renew the ones we already have out! Be right back…Ok now I need to go rummage through Abel’s room to find the one that couldn’t be renewed.

What tenses are you in the middle of with which books? (I could not write an equivalent sentence in French but Meredith, if you’re reading this, please do so)