So I’m feeling a bit at a loss. Today was supposed to have 3 afternoon appointments, back to back, including a family for dinner. (Meal plan: schwarma bites (made with chicken and the wrong kind of pickles), Lebanese cinnamon chicken and rice, baked cauliflower, salad, fruit, strawberry claufouti.) And everything got cancelled. Beka has a doctor’s appointment, and the artist’s wife isn’t feeling well. The family that was supposed to come has a friend whose mother died so they are sitting with the bereaved today. I have the afternoon off, and it feels very strange. Even Elliot has a study session after school and will come home late.

I know what I should do. Laundry. Book reviews. Bathroom cleaning. Exercise. Yardwork. I hope I’m productive. Instead, I am feeling sort of like I was running full steam ahead and tripped, and now I don’t know what to do. I am usually very good at being flexible and changing plans, but for some reason I seem to be spending the afternoon staring out my window.

What about you? Are you good at switching gears at the last minute?