So, wordpress, my blogging home of choice, is doing a challenge for 2011—post every day, or every week, and they will give you prompts. Hmmm. First of all, there is no way I’m going to post every day, so those of you who subscribe in readers can relax. Phew, you’re thinking, that’s a relief. There isn’t time in the day for you to read me nattering on about where I’d travel in a time machine, or 3 favorite songs that are overplayed that I love anyway (these are actual prompts—why am I even considering this?) On the other hand, I do sort of vaguely want to post more often, even if I am the worst blogger ever when it comes to writing people back and commenting on people’s comments. I mean to, but I forget. So I’m not committing to anything, but I am saying I might be showing up in your feed reader a little more often this year. Say, oh, 3 times a week? Or not. Time will tell. On va voir.

So, to kick things off, why don’t I put you to work and ask YOU for prompts? Topics? Questions? I don’t guarantee I’ll answer them, because I’m ornery like that and WILL not share my recipe for eggplant, spinach, and lentil casserole, which is an imaginary dish I taunt my children with when they ask what’s for dinner. Seriously, why is that question so infuriating? Don’t answer that.

Want to hear about my ancestry? (another prompt. Who comes up with these things?) More tales from Mauritania? Cute stories from when the kids were little? Secrets to decorating YOUR house in college-student-chic with knick-knacks from around the world? Ask me something.

random pic of the twins from Halloween. Maybe I should resolve to post pictures in a more timely fashion?