…sorry…Ilsa just had a toenail removed and is wallowing in stoic pain on the couch. She’ll get her own post later. Given the choice of ANY movie in the house, she opted for “The Fellowship of the Ring.” So I’m having to sit through it again.

On to pics of the tree!

As it came from the trunk of the taxi.

Standing in its lovely pot, full of good dirt bought for a good price.

“The Snowman: Walking in the Air”  One of my favorite Christmas  specials. I  even have a Snowman mug, and it’s my favorite for tea.

When the twins were 18 months and Elliot was 3, we set off one cold December morning to a paint-your-own-china place. The plan was to create gifts from all 3 for Grandma and for Donn. Elliot got enthusistic with the mug for Daddy and painted the whole thing himself before I could stop him, so I let the twins each choose an ornament to paint. Abel chose a bell and painted it black.

Ilsa chose an angel and blended two shades of blue and pink to produce a very pretty violet.

This pic also shows an ornament we bought in France.

And of course there’s a train round the bottom.