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Today we finally got a tree. It’s been very complicated, but we’re excited.  I am going to tell you all about it tomorrow, or possibly sometime next week, but right now I don’t have time. Instead, I’m rerunning one of my all-time favorite posts. I don’t know why I like it so much–possibly because everytime I look at the Mary/Anakin that Abel made from Legos last year, I just feel warm and happy inside.

This year will be much better than last. We have our Christmas decorations out of storage in Mauritania, for a start. Donn and Abel are right now buying a pot out at the Potteries to house our scraggly cedar bush beautiful fresh Christmas tree. We have our own place, and I had so much fun wrapping  fake garland round our very own staircase. The stockings are are hung from the window latches with  care. (We still don’t have curtains. Or a mantelpiece. I’m open to other suggestions)

But this post is a good reminder that all you really need to be festive is tin foil, kleenex, legos and creative  children.

From December 2008:

This is Mary. No really.

I don’t THINK she’s as angry as she looks. (Although maybe that song line about “no crying he makes” isn’t accurate)

On Sunday, I walked over to a neighbour’s house for choir practice. I’ve joined an amateur choir and we’re doing a Christmas concert on Saturday. It’s the first time I’ve been in a choir since university days, and I’m really enjoying it. We’re singing lovely songs; a couple of haunting French carols, a mix of traditional and modern. The director has sensibly chosen songs that aren’t too high, so we don’t have to have that shrill drifting into sharp that is such a feature of amateur choirs made up of mostly middle-aged people.

I rounded the corner and saw a truck full of greenery. “How fun; looks like Christmas trees,” I thought, amused, never thinking it would be true. But it was. “This guy delivers our tree every year,” the family explained to me. He dropped 4 off for them to choose from, and never came back, so we are now the proud owner of a fresh, green tree.

It smells wonderful. Apparently it is some sort of cedar, and it’s really aromatic.


We are sorely lacking in the decoration department, but we are making progress. So far, we have two felt ornaments that a friend gave us, and an angel that Ilsa made out of tin foil and Kleenex.

And we have a Lego creche. Abel made it himself, but I’m sure it could be a bestseller.

I think this look makes a nice change from the blonde, bland look.

Here we see the baby Jesus, looking slightly blurry. Not to mention legless.


And the complete nativity scene, including the star that rose geometrically in the east.



So you can see we’re making tremendous progress. I’m sure you’re all in awe.

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