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Wednesday morning Elliot woke up complaining of being really achy. He told me his temp was 96.9 though, so we had a small debate about whether or not he should stay home. I sensed he was really sick but just wasn’t sure, so I wanted to leave it up to him. “Please just tell me what to do,” he pled. That did it—I knew he was sick!

And then I found out that his temp was 99.6. Apparently I am developing aural dyslexia! This ought to come in handy when I am bargaining for items in the medina!

His temperature didn’t go up much, but continued to hover round the 100 mark, and he was achy and listless. We cancelled afternoon plans (they have a half day on Wednesdays) and hunkered down for the day.

Yesterday he stayed home again, still running a low-grade fever. He offered to go to school anyway and infect other children in hopes of starting an epidemic which would close the school, but I wouldn’t let him.

In the afternoon, his temp crept up to 101.8. This had Elliot, normally disgusting healthy, a bit worried. “That’s an odd number to have, isn’t it?” he asked me. “No,” I said, reassuring. This led to a discussion of the Dread Swine Flu, and the chances that we had our very own case!

“I wonder if soon they’ll have a cart that goes through the street to collect the dead bodies?” he asked.


Should I be worried that my 12 year old (Abel, that is) can’t hand me an envelope from his school without gasping “Message for you sir” and falling over? I’m not sure I’m succeeding at this parenting thing.

I was supposed to be in Casablanca all week for some training for my new job at the new Berlitz Language Center (opening in Rabat this week!), but it got postponed. I’ve been doing some online training though. No matter your previous experience/training, you’ve got to do theirs.

Yes, this Berlitz. I figure any organization that can come up with a classic like this has got to be a good place to work.

Although the training next week is from 10 to 12:30 every single day. That means I travel over an hour by train, attend classes for 2 ½ hours, and then travel back; in other words, my travel time equals my training time. Wouldn’t it be better to do, say, two full days of training and then be done? No?

In the meantime, Elliot is home for the third day in a row. He can’t remember ever being sick for 3 days in a row before, but I can. When he was 8 he had this weird bacterial infection and his whole face swelled up. With his typical grasp of perspective, he told me, “I’m just not having a very good life.” Poor kid.

He seems mostly better today, so I guess that once again we’ve managed to miss Pandemics for Our Times. We didn’t get SAARS, no AIDS, no weird allergies, not even malaria! Bo-ring, we are.

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