We went to a Korean cultural event tonight, at the Theatre National Mohamed V. You should know where this is. If you don’t, don’t bother with the website. “Located in the center of downtown,” it says, declining to get any more specific or give anything as boring as an address.

The show was great fun. First up were the Myo Sung Breakdancing troupe, followed by Nanta. I don’t know exactly how to describe Nanta. It included elements of drumming, a kitchen setting, mimes, comedy, more drumming, and a cabbage fountain created by some fancy knife work. We could smell the onion way in the back.

This is similar to a small part of tonight’s show:

One thing is clear. There is no way Elliot is allowed in the kitchen anymore. I could just see the ideas shaping in his head. My knives, chopping board, and countertops are no longer safe.