Meals my Family Ate While I Was Gone:

  1. Eggs
  2. Eggs & Potatoes
  3. Fried Eggs
  4. Omelettes with Cheese
  5. Omelettes with Turkey Ham and Cheese
  6. Ice Cream Sundaes
  7. Pizza Hut

Things I Did In America:

  1. Missed my niece’s graduation
  2. Made it to my niece’s graduation party
  3. Ate Ben & Jerry’s (Dublin Mudslide! Mmmm…)
  4. Talked to the kids on Skype
  5. Told my mother funny things about my kids. Sample. I’d been gone about 2 hours when Elliot, who is 13, came to Donn with a list. “Someone’s got to keep this family running,” he said. She always loved funny grandkid stories, and Elliot provided plenty of them.

Things My Family Did While I was Gone:

  1. Surfing!
  2. Sunburn!
  3. Bought me flowers. Cuz I love flowers.
  4. Bought new vases for the flowers to go into, since last time we had to use a plastic sort of bucket our cheap silverware came in.
  5. Were late to school…twice. “This is unacceptable,” the monitor raged at Elliot. Morocco started Daylight Savings Time at midnight on Sunday, May 31st. Donn forgot about it, so the kids were late on Monday. Then he changed the time on his computer, but forgot to change his cell phone, which he uses as an alarm. The kids were late on Tuesday.
  6. Missed me!

Books I’ve Read in the Last Two Weeks (yes I read to deal with stress/jet-lag/boredom while traveling/etc):

  1. Diplomatic Baggage
  2. My Cleaner
  3. Miss Fortune
  4. Things I Want My Daughters To Know
  5. Miss Match
  6. Jewel

(None were horrible; some were excellent)