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One of the reasons we wanted a house with a guest room (although we didn’t end up getting one) was because we knew we’d be getting company. We knew this for several reasons.

One. We like company.

Two. We are part of a small, exclusive group of people, expats who have lived on the planet Mauritania. (And, the joke goes, when we reach the Pearly Gates, St Peter will usher us in as having already done our time in purgatory. Apparently we like old-fashioned jokes. When it’s 115 degrees out and blowing sand for the fourth day in a row, just about anything can be funny.) This experience has bonded us.

Three. In order to get just about anywhere in the top half of Africa, you pass through Casablanca. The train station is actually in the airport, and we’re just an hour away. Plus, Morocco is a great place to visit. If you can extend your layover a couple of days, you can enjoy seeing old friends and catching a glimpse of all that Morocco has to offer.

Add these things together and what do you get? We’ve hosted 4 sets of friends from our days in Mauritania, and we’ve only been here 7 months. This doesn’t count the friends who have also moved here (2 for me; one for Ilsa) Plus we might see another friend over the weekend (she has a day and a half layover in Casa; don’t you think she should come on up?)

We had guests this week, and it was a fun time. They had use of a car, so we made it out to the Potteries again, where my camera died shortly after I took these.


My new couscous platter has a similar design as the vase on the right.


This time we wandered out back of a large shop, where we smelled kilns, saw rising clouds of thick smoke, and also found an artist hand-painting a vase.


Piles of rejects. And then my camera’s batteries decided to join them.

Coming soon: I write an actual post for this blog, probably about travel. Or, alternatively, I might discuss my new diet plan, which I’m calling Atkins Plus Bread. So far it’s been two days and I’ve managed to avoid that empty feeling you so often get with diets.

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