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I am all about spreading out the holidays. I learned a new word the other day; celebrator. It’s a noun, and it means someone who likes to celebrate, who is good at celebrating. I think it describes me. Another good word for me is procrastinator. If I combine the two, I get an excellent excuse to make gingerbread cookies with the kids this weekend.

Today is, of course, the 12th Day of Christmas, which I’m sure you knew from reading Veronica’s excellent series, a yearly treat she prepares for us. In honour of Epiphany, here are a few odds and ends from the camera files. Also that tree is out of here tonight!

After the crèche was completed, the town of Bethlehem was built. There was a guy sleeping in the back of the inn. The streets were not still; they were patrolled by a Roman guard.

This needed to be constantly readjusted, as the Roman patrol were rather unsteady. They lasted until one of Abel’s friends came over to play, then they were urgently called to defend Middle Earth and left Bethlehem alone.

The twins were only about 6 months old when I noticed their inherent competitiveness. They were next to each other in their little baby swings. Ilsa was bawling away, but Abel was contentedly swinging, watching his twin howl as if her little heart was broken with an expression of great interest on his tiny face.

As soon as I picked Ilsa up, though, Abel started to scream. Gone was that contentedness. Ilsa was getting held, and he wasn’t; that was all that mattered.

They haven’t changed all that much. So when Ilsa saw me photographing Abel’s creche, she was “inspired” (read: jealous of the attention) to make one of her own.

Out of candy.


Ilsa is very detail-oriented and given to fiddly little details. Look at the eyebrows on this kid! The manger is chocolate, the child is toffee (weird flavors you get here…) and the halo is a sort of yellow licorice.
And she wrapped him in tinfoil, and laid him in the fridge…so that he wouldn’t melt or get eaten. Or, even worse, get ants!


I’ve mentioned before the wonderful, fresh, cheap local olives we can find in Morocco. Here is a picture highlighting 3 kinds: the black ones have harissa and cilantro on them, the red ones are plain (but sublime), and the green ones are lemon. In the back is falafel.


It was part of our New Year’s Eve party. I spent the day making mince and coconut pies and two kinds of mini quiche. It was quite tasty.


I’ll invite you next year if you’re in town!

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