I am posting this from our new place.
This place may be permanent, or as someone put it, as permanent as we ever get. Or we may be here just a few months. Either way, we’re out of the basement and unpacking those darn cases, and we are very happy about it.
I’m off to catch up with google reader and IM with my sister-in-law and perhaps, just maybe, leave comments on other blogs. I have managed to read some offline and have several times wanted to leave comments, so now I have plans to go back and write them. What kind of odds would you give that of actually happening? Yeah. Of course my google reader is at 219 and that might take some time.
Card update: much progress has been made. The end is in sight now, although still kind of a speck on the horizon. We are now bundling them in stacks of 5. I’ll try to take a picture before they’re gone but still have not bought batteries for my camera.