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Number of fountain pens bought, so far, for 3 children, each of whom need one: 8
Number of t-shirts with ink stains, so far: 3
Number of trips downtown made to bookstore to buy “La Momie Bavarde”: 4
Number of times the owner has told me to come back tomorrow and she‘ll have it: 4
Number of other bookstores visited: 4
Amount of time spent waiting fruitlessly for an empty taxi downtown on Friday, just before Friday prayers and just after leaving the bookstore: 30 minutes
Time it takes to dry jeans inside, since both laundry lines broke: 3 days
Time it takes to dry towels: 3 ½ days
Number of trips to the car dealerships in the past week: 4
Number of car dealerships visited: 10
Number of cars narrowed down to: 2
Approximate number of taxis taken over last week by various family members: 25+
Number of friends the kids had over this weekend: 4
Price of glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice: usually about $1.00
Price for 100 grams of kalamata olives: about 25 cents
Price for 3/4 kilo of light brown sugar ‘cassonade’ (i.e. it won‘t pack): about $6
Number of light sockets that have broken when we were trying to replace a light bulb: 2
Price of light sockets: about $2
Number of printers bought so children could complete school assignments: 1
Number of USB cords included with printer: 0
Number of USB cords found by hunting through all 10 suitcases: 0
Different types of Moroccan tagines I have learned to make: 5
Number that Donn has enjoyed: 4 (he didn’t really like the one with red peppers and sweet potatoes)
Number that the children like: 0
Number of days Abel had the key to his locker before he lost it: 1
Amount of times I can’t get onto my own blog or any wordpress blog: approximately half
Amount of times I can’t get onto other web pages: basically never

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