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I haven’t been able to access my site for several days now; don’t know why. Hopefully that won’t keep happening.
It’s been a quiet, uneventful week. Yesterday was Donn’s birthday and he turned that perfect number, the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything! Ilsa woke up early and happy and decided to make him a barrage of cards. He woke up when she bounced into our room with a well-made, beautifully-decorated airplane labelled “Love Airlines”; she threw it at him and hit him in the forehead!
We celebrated quietly, en famille, but I think he had a good day.
Our house hunt continues, but I won’t bore you with details. Do you want to hear about the apartment just two minutes walk from the kids’ school but with funky tile in the bathrooms and kitchen? Probably not, unless we end up taking it.
We eventually found all the textbooks that the kids needed, and enjoyed several days of quiet satisfaction, just resting in that. Then they came home with new lists, this time of novels they need to have for their reading classes! The hunt begins anew. One of the books Elliot needs is an Agatha Christie and I’m a little jealous–we never got to read Agatha Christie in school. Did you? I have the book he needs, in French, in Mauritania, so I’m hoping he doesn’t need it until we’ve found a house, and Donn’s gone down to get our stuff out of our friend’s garage. On the other hand, since it’s “Murder on the Orient Express,” it wouldn’t hurt to have two copies, three if you count my English version.
Ramadan ends on Tuesday, and the kids have 3 days off to celebrate! They’re very excited to have a little vacation. We’re going to spend it at a little beach area just north of town. I’m looking forward to it.

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