Ok, I realize that it’s kind of lame to keep using my children’s talents instead of writing my own material. But first of all, they’re funny. They each have their own blogs, to which they post sporadically, and their friends never read and never comment, and that depresses and discourages them. After we toured the Oudayas and Ilsa wrote about it, I intended to write my own post but then it was just easier to use hers. She got 25 comments! Her brothers were wildly jealous.

This week, we went to the Chellah. I fully intend to write my own post, perhaps explaining it a little better than Abel. But then he posted about it, using his own photos. (Ilsa’s post had my photos) He would love to get a little more exposure for his writing and photographic talents, and I thought, Why not? I need to post after all. So, without further ado, here is Abel’s version of our visit to the Chellah. Please leave him a comment. It would make his day.

I am really sad right now because I tripped over the wire connecting our skype headset and it broke and now I can’t talk to Malcolm on Skype. We were on with our best friends in America, the Andersons. I had talked to Malcolm and Tyson and Ilsa and Elliot were talking to Mariah when I tripped over it. Mariah thought that Elliot was playing a game by being really silent and making her think that we had lost connection, but we really had. Dad had to type to let her know.

Yesterday was a much better day. In the morning, Mom and Dad and me and Elliot went to the Chellah. It is an old Roman fort and village plus after the Romans had all like, died, and there were no more there, these old Moroccans came and made a village and a mosque around in between, and left the Roman ruins, but these Moroccan guys once were digging and found some of the Roman ruins and dug it all up. Actually my Mom says it was a French guy who found them.

It was all cool cuz I like the Romans. And there were 2 stones I found that I think might have been gravestones that had Latin writing on them. We saw the bottom half of a statue of some Roman guy, king, emporer, god, whatever! We saw the old ruins of a Roman marketplace, the dungeon, which was this big square pit where I guess they threw the prisoner into (very painful, I’m guessing, the landing…). There were other pits. THere was a big water reservoir and the toilets were the other pits.

There were a lot of graves of dead Muslim guys. I didn’t really see any Roman graves except those two stones I talk about in the previous paragraph, with the Latin writing on them. There were a lot of cats and in the garden after the Muslim ruins, there were some kitties that were really cute! They were so little.

After we left the Chellah we went to pick up my sister, Ilsa, from a friend’s house. The friends were doing volleyball at the Rabat American School. Then at 3, Elliot and I went to some friends’ house, all the way till 6, which is when my parents and Ilsa came, and we had dinner there. We had hamburgers! And potato chips!

Zach is the name of my new friend. He’s 10 1/2, nearly 11. He likes LOTR cards like me (I wish I had brought mine to his house!), and his favorite is Legolas, like me, and we like wrestling. He’s got some dress up stuff like ninja and a bow and arrow set (not real arrows, just like a dart thing) and a lot of Bionicles. So we set up the Bionicles on a trunk and shot them down with the bow and arrows. So I’m happy to have a new friend. Elliot is really good friends with Zach’s older brother, Caleb, who also has a lot of good LOTR cards.

I need to go to bed, but here’s pictures of the Chellah. Don’t forget to write me a comment!

Here is the Chellah from outside:

This is a close up of one of the towers, also from outside:

Here is a half-statue of a Roman guy, whatever:

And the Latin writing I mentioned. If anyone out there knows Latin and can send me a translation, that’d be good. Leave it in comments.

This is the old marketplace, from about 144 BC:

Here are some cool arches from the Moroccan ruins. The village was destroyed in an earthquake:

Here is a cute little kitten in the gardens in the Moroccan village:

Ok that’s all for now! Bye!