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I do not have time to post. I only have time to stress.
This is what I have done this week:

  • Ordered new glasses and sunglasses (prescription). Yes I had all year, theoretically, to do this. No I didn’t do it until Sunday afternoon, so that there is a small possibility that they won’t be in before we leave. Sigh.
  • Still not gotten my ring sized. It is a size and a half too big. I have already lost 2 wedding rings in the 18 years we’ve been married; wouldn’t a wise woman get this one to fit? You would think.
  • Spent a fair amount of time drinking Heather’s coffee while we snatch moments to talk; being late to places as a result.
  • Gone to a going-away party for myself. Sorry you weren’t invited. It was fun though.
  • Bought new tennis-shoes for the twins
  • Decided, after much time looking, that surely we can just get them new sandals in Morocco
  • Decided, after much stressing, that I guess we can take out some books and pack school clothes instead. Who wants to send me books? (Shameless, I know)
  • Bought new t-shirts for all the children. Several. Also, one pair of shorts for Elliot, who has managed to ruin the only other 2 pairs he has with chlorine bleach. Sigh.
  • Checked temperature averages for Rabat, again. I just can’t believe it, after Nouakchott. Doesn’t it seem freakishly cool to you? Me too. Maybe all my shopping is wrong.
  • Gotten stressful emails. The people who were going to meet us and our 10 suitcases plus many, many carry-ons just wrote and told us, guess what, they can’t. Maybe we can get several taxis to take us between cities, it was suggested. There is no way we can take the train with this much luggage. But taxis are small and we are large (I mean, us with all our cases) and it is another wrinkle. At least we’re never bored.
  • Stayed up late pretty much every night, talking to Heather and Paul. We love them so much.
  • Gone to see “The Dark Knight.” It was fun. Not bad. Dark, yes. I told Elliot, who counted the days till it was released and then was disappointed when we said not now, that it is basically an R movie and he can see it when he’s 17. Which I thought was nice of me.

Our to-do list is getting shorter. It includes some fun things like going to see a new baby, delivered by my friend Maggie on Tuesday and weighing 10 pounds! That’s as big as both my twins put together, so I can’t even imagine producing that at one time. I can’t wait to meet her.
In other happy news, I got an award! Laurel at Mamasphere (who I have only just discovered and this is why you should leave me comments, people! How can I know about your blog if you don’t tell me?) kindly awarded me this award. Thank you! I can’t tell what it is; can you? But I’m very honoured, even though I have no intention at this point in my life of passing it on. Eventually, insha’allah, as they say where we’re going in just a few days now.
Please continue to tell me what you would do if you had only a couple of days left before you moved.

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