First I saw this at Mad’s place, where I correctly identified Heathers (she said modestly).
Then I saw it at Beck’s and Veronica’s, where I was too late to play.
Then I saw it at Piece’s, where again, I correctly identified Philadelphia Story (although it was an easy quote)
So I thought, I want to play too.
The problem is that I am biologically incapable of saying, “These are my favorite movies.” Also, I have the memory of a swiss cheese. So, here are some movie lines from some movies that I have watched and enjoyed and REMEMBERED these lines from.
Here’s how you play. Each person gets to guess ONE movie. When you get it right or within 72 hours or so afterwards, knowing me like I do, I will cross it out and credit you.
Sound like fun? Hope so!

Movie #1:
I’m here for the waters.
What waters? This is a desert.
I was misinformed.
This, of course, is from Casablanca, which may be our favorite movie after all. We were always planning to do a little video about the joys of language learning with this scene spliced in. Suburban Correspondent likes it as much as I do!

Movie #2:
I just think it would be in my best interests if I went out with someone better-looking, more popular…drives a better car… Veronica knew instantly that this was Better Off Dead; one of the more quoted movies in my life, I must admit. (What does that tell you about me? Actually, the better question is, what does that tell you about who my friends are? I knew I missed them when I learned how to say, “Sorry your Mom blew up, Ricky,” in Hassiniya.)

Movie #3:
Hitler! Now there was a painter. He could do an entire apartment in one afternoon–two coats! TsunamiBomb (the link to your site doesn’t work) got this one–The Producers. I’ve only seen the newer version with Will Ferrell, but this scene in particular cracked me up. You should hear Donn do the German accent on “Filthy British Lies!”

Movie #4:
You’re not hardcore unless you live hardcore. Lonie Polony got this one right off–School of Rock.

Movie #5:
The llama is a quadruped. YAAY Nan! Several people knew this was Monty Python, but she was the first to correctly identify the actual movie it came from.

I picked this line because Donn used to quote it often when we were first dating. Yeah I know…I don’t know why it lasted either.

Movie #6:
No matter where you go, there you are. My sister-in-law, Kris, knew this one. It’s Buckaroo Banzai, a truly cheesy sci-fi 80s movie.

Movie #7:
It’s been decided that you will be dressed as a priest…to help you get away in the pandemonium afterwards. I was worried this one might be obscure, but Mad has got it–The Manchurian Candidate.

Movie #8:
So, did you tell her who’s boss?
She thinks she’s smarter. Just cuz she graduated from Vassar and I, I went to driving school.

Movie #9:
My baby‘s home from the Big House!
Oh, Sara Lee, would you forget those old movies?

Movie #10:
I saw him that very day. He always said last thing he’d ever do is shoot himself…which it was.


I can’t believe no one’s gotten #5, which is very popular in a certain set.

Movie #5: Here’s another line.

I’m FRRRRRENCH! Where do you think I got this outRRRRRRageous accent?

And, more clues for the last 3, which are somewhat obscure, I must admit.

Movie #8: This movie was set in the 40s and has a lot of GREAT insults traded back and forth between the two main characters.

One more clue? Ok. Constantinople!

Movie #9: This movie is set in Hawaii. I hope no one else has ever had to sit through it. Possibly your parents liked it, assuming they were WAY MORE HIP than mine.

Movie #10: This movie is a documentary. It’s really funny, especially if you don’t mind laughing at people instead of with them.