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Last week was Spring Break here in Oregon, and it coincided with the week that had the most snow and some of the coldest weather of the entire season. The winter season, that is. So a fun time was had by all.
I like weather, except when it’s really hot and sandy. So I didn’t mind the afternoon snow showers that of course didn’t stick, the huge fluffy flakes falling wetly past the window. I didn’t mind the hail crusting round the pink hyacinths and golden daffs, or the enormous blue and grey clouds floating up and up.
Saturday, we went to the Avalon with some friends. The Avalon shows 2nd-run movies, has a nickel arcade, and costs $2 to get in. We went there last summer, and signed up the kids for their birthday club, expecting nothing, so we were pleased to receive a card good for free family admission to the arcade and 100 nickels, all thanks to Ilsa. Abel, her twin, who signed up at the same time, didn’t get anything. Maybe they thought I was trying to cheat them and making up names, but if I was going to do that, wouldn’t I have changed their birthdays? Yes, I would have.
We saw National Treasure 2, which was every bit as good as the first, assuming you liked the first. I found it all right, but my kids LOVED it, which was the point, really. Then we spent several hours playing arcade games. We bowled, we rode motorcycles, I learned that I fear the time when Ilsa drives an actual car. We spun wheels of fortune and tipped balls into holes for points. It was lots of fun.
Certain games give you tickets. You collect them and take them to the front counter, along with many other small children, and then you can choose your prize based on how many points you get. The prizes are, of course, cheap and funny, but the kids had a blast anyway. Ilsa got a camera that shoots water; Elliot got a little ping-pong table. Abel got a miniature pool table and a glider which broke instantly. Van, another little boy, got a flashlight which shocks you when you turn it on. I don’t quite get this, but everyone else finds it hilarious.
When we finally emerged from the Avalon, there was a dusting of snow on the ground. Weird. We hung out with friends for the evening and then came home.

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