CCE at MadMarriage has tagged me for a meme, a perfect thing for a rainy Monday when I don’t have much time to write. This is a meme that asks me to look back at my old blog posts and tell you my personal favorites.
Isn’t a good writer not supposed to have favorites? I did a post about that, but I’m not going to include it in the list.
I am actually biologically incapable of choosing favorites, but I figure it doesn’t really matter, does it? The point is, you can read some things about me. Me! The whole point of a meme, which, of course, you have noticed is basically me to the second power.
I actually quite like this meme. Normally I protest memes because I can’t imagine that people want to really know about ME. But this one is about my blog. If you’re here, you must care about my blog. Right? Right.
I’m supposed to choose an old post about each of the following: ME! (well obviously), family, friends, things I love, and a wild card.

I spent way too much time on this last night, rereading old posts, reliving old memories. I don’t think this meme is supposed to be quite as much about navel-gazing as I made it. Worst of all, I had a hard time picking. Am I that arrogant? *goes into falsetto*–oh they’re just all so fantastic! *makes depreciating hand gesture with wrist.*

Yeah. Apparently.

I like to think that it’s really the memories I’m reliving. How do I choose, for example, between making you read about our camping trips in the Sahara (and which trips? The crocodiles? Part two of the crocodiles? Or the baboons?) For the one about me, do I tell you about the university? You’ll be pleased to know that I relived all the memories in choosing, so now I’m wallowing in nostalgia.

Ok, here we go. I will be serious now.

For family, choose one of the following: Ilsa the Spy, Donn’s return, or the shark. Discuss your choice in comments.

For friends, I have to write about Aicha. But now I feel unsure–should I have done one of the weddings? Present the pros and cons of each.

For the wild card, I pick my “favorite” (clue: when favorite is in quotes, it means it’s opposite) thesis student, Romeo. Discuss: can the author change the meaning of terms by the simple use of quote marks?

I can’t think of posts for things I love or ME!, but that’s okay, since I’ve already chosen more than I was supposed to.

Don’t worry–we both know you’re not going to go back and read my old posts, and that’s ok–I already did! But at least I posted.

I tag Veronica, Beck, Pieces and Meredith, since I would love to reread those posts they consider their favs and see if they’re the ones I would have chosen.