When I was about 8, I remember making a list of “signs of spring” on a drive I took with my parents. I remember this because they were highly amused at my list, which in addition to items like pussywillows and crocuses, included a dead skunk. I don’t know why I thought this was a sign of spring and they didn’t either, but it passed into family lore.

Early spring has arrived here in the NW. The weather is gorgeous–the sun is actually warm, and the wind cool and clear.  Everyone is outside as much as possible. Yesterday on my walk home from the gym, I smelled daphne’s sharp, astringent scent and saw azaleas beginning to bloom. Trees are ringed in purple and white crocuses.

Donn also took a walk yesterday. For those of you still stuck in winter, you might enjoy a little vicarious trip through Portland in late February, here.