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Today’s post was written by Ilsa, age 10 and 11.5/12ths.

This is what I miss about Mauritania:
  • The good old Sahara heat!
  • Not wearing seat belts.
  • Going to the beach every week, and the water actually being warm.
  • My friends! (Hi Bethany and Haley and Aidan and Esther and Matthew and Erik, etc)
  • My school–I miss my nice teacher from last year especially
  • Throwing sand-balls at the boys
  • Weston, our dog

What I don’t miss about Mauritania:

  • I do not miss the jellyfish at the beach
  • I don’t miss the boys throwing jellyfish at me while I’m trying to eat my sandwich. Also dead fish and fish bones. We took revenge, though.

What I like about being in America this year:

  • There’s delicious candy
  • Halloween.
  • Christmas presents that don’t break the second you touch them
  • my friends here
  • there are better puppies and kittens here; cuter and different kinds
  • good old air-conditioning!
  • And now, heat.
  • Fireplaces!
  • Hot chocolate w/o skin!

Here is a still life I drew with my pastels. I used a creamer and sugar from the 60s with a really fun shape, and I added fruit and drew a frame with patterns copied off the china. My dad scanned it:


Edited to add: In wordpress, this shows with a complete frame. I can’t figure out why the blog itself shows it cut off. *frustrated sigh* 

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