One of my regular reads that has yet to make it into my woefully meager blogroll is Nothing But Bonfires. I started reading Holly when she and her boyfriend Sean were on a trip through Asia. I voted on whether a mango was “yellow” and “orange” and laughed at her description of riding elephants with poncy Frenchman while wearing pink flip-flops, and I’ve kept reading her hilarious takes on life in San Francisco, shopping at Trader Joes and fending off Crack Whores. She’s a fantastic writer.

She recently announced a writing contest that she’s helping judge. It’s the Surprisingly Essential First Page Challenge (SEFPC). You enter the first page of your book (!) and maybe you’ll win a literary agent. Pretty cool, eh? (Ok, technically you win a query review, but still. You never know)

Of course I’m entering. I think I’m number 584 or something like that. My book (a narrative description of what it’s like for an American family to move to/live in the Islamic Republic of Mauritania—and why wouldn’t the Oregonian want to publish a series of essays on that, I ask you? But they didn’t even RESPOND to my query) may not be coming along as quickly as I had hoped, mostly because of a curious and recently discovered reluctance on my part to actually work on it. But I do have several chapters finished and I hope to work on it more soon. Maybe even today. Well not today, but maybe tomorrow.

(Life has gotten in the way of art once again, and my week has consisted of helping deal with a crisis in the life of a friend, not to mention CNED stuff. AUGH! Will we ever be caught up in Music, Art and Spanish at the same time? Unlikely)

What a horrible post this is—full of parenthetical comments. I’m going to post in haste and repent at leisure, however, because I need to go give a music exam. It’s all about the ostinato rhythm, which I’m a little confused about (Meredith? any ideas?), so it’s questionable how they will do on the exam.

If you have a book you’re writing, join the contest!! Here’s the info. You have about 4 hours to meet the deadline, so if you haven’t started writing, it might be too late. On the other hand, you never know.