I’ve been trying to write about my weekend for days now. I’m determined that you shall know, because it was an eventful weekend, full of things good, bad, and all-American–the whole spectrum, one might say.
We’ll start with the all-American. On Friday night, I went to a high school basketball game. A daughter of a friend is on the dance team at her jr hi, and they were performing at half time, so I went to support and cheer and be a presence in the bleachers.
Jeanni, my friend, and I arrived early and went downstairs where the girls were getting ready in the girls’ locker room. Rock music blared; girls stared superciliously at each other; that curious aura of junior high, a blend of insecurity and over confidence mixed with just a spoonful of camaraderie, was palpable. We helped C apply layer after layer of make-up. Cover Girl foundation, blue eye shadow–it took me right back to 14. Seriously, try this; open up a bottle of Cover Girl and smell it. Voila! The 1980s live.
Then, Jeanni and I sat on the bleachers and watched boys race up and down the court, and girls jump up and down in unison and say the same cheers from when I was in high school. All the students who had come to watch the game stood up the entire time. Is that normal? I thought that was strange. I would get tired, doing that.
The dance team did fine. C was exceptional, of course. We left immediately afterwards and went to their house to eat copious amounts of food and stay up way too late.
We had planned to leave for Seattle at about 9 or 10, but somehow it was noon when we left. That’s because Friday afternoon, I opened a good-sized box labeled “pictures.” Surprise! In it, I found many many many pictures, mostly of the kids’ babyhoods. (Aside: we are sporadically going through boxes we left in storage, which have multiplied alarmingly in the past 6 years.)
Did you know it takes time to look at all these pictures, to relive all those memories? I will have to scan some to share because I know nothing could be more fascinating to you than baby pictures of my children. Because trust me, they are cute. They will make you want to eat them.
So, we were late. We left around noon because we had to pick up all the pictures; we couldn’t just leave them all over the floor.
Seattle contained a huge treat this time round. I got to meet Denise from Wisdom Has Two Parts. It was so fun! She is just as nice in person as I was expecting from her blog. Today Nancy asked me what it was like. It didn’t feel like meeting a new friend, but like spending time with an old friend and getting to meet her husband and kids.

She was very patient with my flakiness (actual phone conversation… Denise: You’re just now leaving Portland? Me: Uh, yeah.) and willing to drag her family a long way to meet us for pizza. In other words, she’s awesome. We talked lots (I talked more. I always do.) and it wasn’t nearly long enough.
Plus, our kids hit it off! She has two adorable kids who roughly correspond in age to mine. (Ok I’m sure her 14 year old son would be APPALLED to be described as adorable. He was cool. She has two cool kids. Much better) The girls drew pictures of horses and treasure maps and the boys discussed legos and took gross pictures of each other’s eyes and the freaky way they can bend their thumbs. The four adults talked and laughed, much pizza was consumed, and it was a great time.


Denise and her husband. Don’t hate me because I have the sense to live in the NW when I’m in America, where I can meet cool people like this.

It is getting late. I am half-watching a movie with Donn, half-blogging, half-chatting online with my sister in law. Truly I am large–150% to be exact. I will have to finish this tomorrow. I will leave my original title to entice you.