No really. But for months, now, I’ve been trying and trying to post reviews with those spiffy little Amazon links. I love those. They look nice, they’re easy for you should you care to check out the books, and, IF you should buy as a result, I get a teeny-tiny percentage to save up for…what else?…more books.

But it just WON’T do it! I can’t figure it out! And I showed my computer-whiz sister-in-law, she who actually earns money doing this sort of thing, and she said I was doing it exactly right and she couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working either!


So this whole entire post is just to try to get one to post. I’m planning a list of Christmas gift ideas for you, complete with whining about materialism and rejoicing in good books. So think of this as a preview, not a waste of your time, if you could please.

It. Just. Won’t. Work. It’s there, then it disappears and goes grey. Why? My head is about to explode, and we still haven’t done Arabic much less even started Christmas shopping.

Ok now I get that little line. Click on it and you get the product. Was that what I wanted? Was promised? Noooo.
The Daring Book for Girls
Ok I can do this… So no spiffy little book pictures for you! Sorry.