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I’m not a very good blogger. I post sporadically. I am terrible at memes. I got tagged for 2 great memes this summer (ok, one was impossible–10 things I like about myself–but the other was funny) and I meant to do them but didn’t. Yet. I still might.
So why on earth would I start doing Thursday 13s?
For you non-bloggers out there, Thursday 13s are a way to find something to blog about on Thursdays. You pick a topic–places you’ve camped, ways to handle your husband being out of town, reasons you should support the fired janitors–and you list 13 things about it. They’re fun to read and often really clever, and the short paragraphs are easy to read. Don’t you regular readers think I should try that?
My real-life friend, WackyMommy herself, is one of the Thursday Thirteeners, which sounds like an obscure political group from the 1700s to me. She’s coming for coffee tomorrow, to see my charming house and charming local Starbucks. She’s always pestering me to join The Thirteeners. In her honour, I’m going to try it just this once.

Was I supposed to post this morning? I’ve never been very good at time, and living in Africa only made it worse.
So without further ado,

13 Things About WackyMommy

  1. We met at Portland State University. We both worked at the student newspaper, the Vanguard. She was tall and talkative, with curly red hair, and had a certain presence. I was short and blond and a little shy at first. Yet we really hit it off.
  2. Talkative is sort of an understatement. Steamroller might be more accurate. But in a nice way, you understand.
  3. Was I supposed to get 4 points out of that first paragraph? I’m really not good at this.
  4. Soon, we figured out that we were neighbours–her apartment (in a 4-plex) was right next-but-one to my apartment building, and her sister lived right down the hall from me with a very fat cat named Chelsea, despite the fact that the building technically did not allow pets. I had a kitten myself at the time, Oscar (so named because he was Wilde). I did not at the time know the rule. By the time I found out, I had learned that the manager (who also worked at the Vanguard) had a cat himself.
  5. WM was the person to know. She knew the hairstylist who needed a model for a seminar and would give me a free cut and style worth $50 (and this was years ago!) She got us free tickets (to review things of course!) to see big names like Ray Charles, or to chocolate-themed fundraising extravaganzas.
  6. I left the apartment and worked for a time as a sort of nanny for friends; it saved me rent and allowed them, both medical personnel, to be on call at night. Then I got married. She went off to do a writing internship in NY. WM and I lost touch.
  7. Although not right away. I remember her coming to my wedding and I remember her visiting us in our first apartment. We just didn’t hang out that much.
  8. I remember her once coming over unexpectedly, choking with laughter, to show us a wire copy of a Dave Barry column. It was hysterically funny. She was working for the Oregonian, and Barry wrote a column in which he sort of mocked the paper. (True fans will have memorized this column. It was the one after the Beano controversy, dealing with men who were angry at having been circumcised as babies. It was a highlight) The O didn’t run it, but thanks to WM, we and our friends all read it.
  9. Why did we lose touch? How? I vaguely remember she and her sister sending me a pair of Baby Gap overalls after Elliot was born, but I don’t remember seeing her for years. How would she have known I was pregnant?
  10. Years later, my friend Leslie was in a writer’s group. With WM! They figured out their common connection (me!). I remember her coming over to see me and my infant twins and bringing us cake! Yum. We had coffee at my kitchen table. We stayed in touch mostly through phone and email, but not that often. I didn’t go to her wedding; I wasn’t invited. We weren’t in touch at that point. But I do remember seeing her shortly after the birth of her first child.
  11. Soon after that, we were off overseas. But ironically, we stayed in better touch than we had when we were in the same city. This isn’t as unusual as you might think.
  12. AUGH! I have to finish this by the next one!
  13. Hers was the first blog I read. Before I read her, I had no idea of what a blog even was. Oh sure I’d read about the phenomena sweeping the internet, blah blah, but I didn’t see how they worked or think I wanted one.

Phew! That wasn’t too hard. But was it interesting to anyone else? Please tell me. Also, it wasn’t really about WM was it? It was really about the history of our friendship. I will have to work on it.

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