The good news is that Elliot has started the school year. He’s in Sixieme this year, which roughly corresponds to 6th grade.  He’s doing Ancient Greece and Rome again for History, starting Arabic, and in other ways being a typical 12-year-old.

The bad news is that his course is online, which means I don’t get to use the computer unless I get up very early in the morning.

All the people that know me in real life can go ahead and laugh heartily here at the very thought of me getting up early.

The twins haven’t started yet, but the good news is that they are officially accepted and we didn’t have to pay the extra $1200, which was rather a big relief. I haven’t been blogging about it all, but it has been a long and complicated journey, one that involved desperate faxes sent to government offices where they were promptly lost. Government offices are the same around the world, I think. Eventually, things were put right, and now we are just waiting for all their stuff to show up.

How will homeschooling go? I have no idea. We have several workbooks, in English and French, that they’ve been doing, but it’s all been a teensy bit chaotic and unorganized–two qualities that the best schools tend to downplay. So we’ll see. In the meantime, it was a gorgeous weekend and the internet is well established chez nous at last.

I’ve written several posts in my head in past few weeks, but they seem to have evaporated. If they turn up again I’ll let you know.