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We’re here. I have been working on a post in my head for two days now, in between frying in the heat and feeling grumpy about it all and not winning Mother-of-the-Year. I was going to post from the Ramada Inn (Santa Nella) last night but I didn’t, mostly because it was midnight and some family members were feeling a little testy. We’d driven 715 miles by that point though, and made quite good time.

Some similarities between our I-5 road trip and our Nouakchott-Dakar road trips; we STILL don’t have AC! In Mauritania, we didn’t have it because there wasn’t a mechanic in the entire country who could fix it. Here, we don’t have it because it’s a borrowed car. Maybe we’ll get it fixed? I hope so. You’d think after 5 ½ years in the desert, I wouldn’t mind the sun beating down on me, but in fact it’s had the opposite effect—I feel I’ve already fulfilled my lifetime total of glare.

We made very good time, whistling through the Grapevine (hills near LA), whizzing down I-5. The smog started early, almost as early as the palm trees. Tomorrow I will write all about it, get out those phrases that are rattling through my head. But tonight, I’m too tired, and besides we’re going to watch a movie. Just wanted to say: we’re here, the pool is good, and I hate road trips. No really.

So here’s another photo from the Marrakesh market. This really has nothing to do with I-5, but I have them on my computer and I’m so happy to have a good connection so I can post pictures. Is this not the most boring post ever?


These great glasses of fresh-squeezed orange juice were just 40 cents each.


This is the medina in Rabat.

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