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I just had a meeting with Abel’s teacher. Does anyone else out there get nervous meeting their kids’ teachers? I thought that once I was a grown-up and on the other side, as it were, from childhood, I would lose my fear of this sort of thing. Does this mean I’m not grown-up yet? Shouldn’t it have happened by now?


A couple of weeks ago, I got a “thinking bloggers award” from Frog and Toad for my post on eating goat turd. (which, let my clarify yet again, I didn’t actually eat—it was just in my food.) I feel very honoured. I am technically supposed to pass on the award to others. This is hard because of two reasons—one, it’s impossible to choose just five (why would I read people who didn’t make me think?), and two, the people I thought of first had already had this award. Happily for me, Beck said I didn’t have to pass on the award, which was very nice of her. Since I’m lazy busy these days, I am going to selfishly announce the award and not pass it on. Maybe later. In the meantime, if you want to you can read these posts which were very good. (Ok it won’t let me link; that’s life in the big city. Frog and Toad is on my blogroll and here are the links that were going to be attached to the words “these posts”:



We haven’t heard from Ilsa ( a while. Here’s something I found on her floor while cleaning up her room, prepatory to our house guests’ arrival. Again, I reproduce it exactly as I found it, spelling and grammar included. I can’t do all the cool colours though. Just picture using a different colour marker for each line.


O.S.S. members

Conciler and a spy: Ilsa

Members/spys: Abel

Inteligent Service:

Inteligent service is…a person who has a desk with lots of paper and pens and who writes (and illustrates) down information.

What You Need:



Act casual


I know O.S.S. is the spy organization from the Spy Kids movies, which Ilsa loves. And I think her definition of intelligence service is right on the money, from all I’ve ever heard about it. But where did she learn to act casual? I think she’s going to be a natural.

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