I’ve been collecting some of the strange ways people have found my blog for a couple of months now. Here are some of my favorites.

fast thanksgiving desert (why spelling is impotent)

slurpee sand spike groundwater (yummm—EE)

idioms using decapitate (cuz you never know when you’ll need one)

women formal ready made evening dresses (Mauritania is all about formal)

ducks in the wind idioms (all we are is ducks in the wind)

describe what elizabeth 1st looked like (like a nomad, of course)

dryer buzzer won’t stop (???This has to do with my desert life how? I don’t even OWN a dryer.)

styrofoam eaten by my dog (My styrofoam was eaten by goats. And it was actually cardboard.)

redo africa song bad (Not to mention grammar bad)

how do I pronouce the work Ibuprofen (“thuh werk I-boo-pro-fen”)

how dolphins came from another planet (I can see how the web would be the place to find this information…)

“is just a handshake” (I feel sorry for whoever’s been getting this pick-up line)