It’s been a fun week in the Planet Nomad household; me decimated by a nasty cold, the computer freaking out and sometimes shutting down and refusing to come back, ignoring pleas and tears and offerings of rice or flowers left gently round the monitor and the votive candle burning next to the hard drive. (Just kidding; you knew that)

And yes, I know I misused the word decimated, which means killing every 10th person not just wiped out, but I don’t care. As my college linguistics prof loved to say, English is a live language. It’s better than writing to the woman you want to be your thesis supervisor that you hope she will respond “at a rate of knots.” I got such a request last week. I still don’t know what it means. Ideas, anyone?

Tuesday night the internet was down, but we thought it was just a temporary glitch. When it still didn’t come back on Wednesday, Donn went to Mauritel. It turned out they had done a pre-emptive strike—although our bill was not due till the 14th, they had gone ahead and cut our line anyway. He paid it, but it took 3 visits to work it out.

Now the internet is back and, at the moment, the computer is working. I feel I need to post something quickly!!

…I spoke truer than I knew. The computer just went off again. Humdudillah (Praise God), it came back on, but for how long? And, as far as I know, no one in town knows how to fix computers. There was one guy but he moved back to Idaho.

It’s a good reminder—SAVE YOUR WORK FREQUENTLY! If not, you may find yourself using nautical idioms incorrectly in public yourself.

Speaking of nautical idioms, we’ve got some going in the Planet Nomad household, where the kids and I are reading the first Swallows and Amazons book. (Do your own Amazon search…if you think I’m going to try and do a link now, you’re crazy! I’m writing for my life!) It’s a great book although it was written in the 20s so some of the names are a little unfortunate. I loved it when I was a kid. It’s a fun story about some kids who let their imaginations run wild and play pirates while sailing all over the Lake District of northern England. But it’s having an unfortunate effect on my own little savages, who are well known for giving their imaginations free reign, also known as living in their own world. For days now, they’ve been “stirring their stumps” instead of hurrying and calling the lemonade “grog” and “Jamaican rum” and, every time they take a drink of water, raising their cups and shouting “Swallows and Amazons forever and death to Captain Flint!” So avast there, me hearties, and I’ll write again when I can–right now I’ve got to rescue my cloth napkins, which have been conscripted for use as sails.