I found a piece of paper lying on the floor in my room. I reproduce it below in its entirety, including spelling and grammatical compositions, although I can’t show you the drawing.



Four friends are forming a new organisation. The C.T.A. is the name. Matthew (last name deleted) is a 10 year old boy happy and kind and his sister Esther, a bright happy Girl. Abel intelligent but capable of rages and Ilsa, a girl who does not (underlined twice) adore every language.

These four friends all injoy exercicing, to play and love mysteries!

Writen and illustrated by Ilsa.


We had the following conversation.

Me: “Is the CTA a secret?”

Ilsa: “Not anymore. It used to be, but Elliot found the paper.”

Me: “What is the CTA?”

Ilsa (shrugs): “I don’t know. Abel wanted to name it that.”

Abel: “No I didn’t. I wanted CIS.”

Me: “What’s CIS?”

Abel: “I don’t know.”

Me: “So it’s not secret? So you wouldn’t mind me telling people about it?”

Ilsa: “No.”

Me: “What if I put it on my blog?”

Ilsa: “Sure. It’s not a secret. But why would anyone care?”

Maybe you don’t. But who couldn’t love a 9 year old who describes herself as “a girl who does not adore every language” ? Not me. She really cuts right to the heart of what’s important in describing someone. I see a great future ahead 🙂

PS the weird thing is that I posted this yesterday, saw it on the blog, and today it’s not there. I’ll have to tell Ilsa, since she loves mysteries!