Shannon (Rocks in my Dryer. My connection is so slow that I’m just happy I’m able to post, much less actually LINK) just tagged me for a word meme. So I’ll do this quickly before I’m off to have birthday cake with my kids, and I’ll write a proper post tomorrow.

I’m supposed to tell you the first thing that pops into my head when I read these words:

Candle—oh no! the electricity’s out again. Where’d I leave them last time?

Finger—one of those fake rubber ones with the bloody gash that little boys think are soo awesome and realistic

Grow—What I hope my twins do some of! They are tiny for their age. It’s Donn’s fault, naturally—at 5’2”, I can’t be held responsible. Ilsa’s teacher told me yesterday she’s the smallest in the class, but she holds her own very well. (Not surprising, considering she has a twin brother plus one 20 months older)

Wrap—presents of course 🙂 I’m glad I got this meme today. If it had been yesterday, I would have muttered curses under my breath at how ANNOYING it is to have to wrap EVERY TEXTBOOK the kids have (5 each) in clear plastic wrap, when it’s so humid that it sticks to my arms and fingers but the tape won’t stick, etc. etc. The wrapping has to be taut and well-done, and even now at the (gulp!) dizzyingly-high age I’ve reached, I still manage to produce things that look like they were wrapped by a 5-year-old. We all have different skills—I’m not a bad editor and make a decent apple pie and a great lamb korma. Why can’t the teachers see this?