This is day one of my new life as mother of 9. (Ha, Mary, got you beat for once!) So far, so good. It’s our friends’ anniversary, and they have gone away for a much-needed break. That’s ok—I can handle it. I’m bringing out my inner earth-mother. No make-up and a long tie-dye skirt. Deep cleansing breaths. Extra coffee. Unfortunately it hasn’t extended to me making whole-grain pancakes and my own yogurt for everybody or anything extreme like that.

I’m drawing on my heritage. After all, my paternal grandmother raised 9 kids on her own in the Depression in the middle of
Kansas, for goodness’ sake! I have this in my blood! (Deep breath)

To begin with, all was calm. I fed everybody and the kitchen looked a bit overwhelming, but it really didn’t take long to clean up. Most of the kids are older, with 7 of them ranging in age from nearly-14 to 8, so there are really only 2 that need a lot of attention.

After lunch I had a relaxing lull. I started this entry, let the 4 year-old play Freddie Fish on their computer. I gave the baby her bath and put her in a fun little outfit. Kicking back, being cool, you know me. All was calm. All was bright.

Suddenly, the baby had a diaper that needed changing and was screaming, the 4 year-old had just wet himself, leaving a puddle on the (padded) dining room chair that was dripping onto the floor, the dryer buzzer was buzzing and buzzing, the 10 year-old had just gotten hit in the face with a ball and had a fat lip, the phone was ringing, and it just didn’t feel quite so in control. I changed, mopped, bathed, answered, turned off, cleaned up, and in general rushed around for a while. Now things are calm again. Everybody is playing Pirates of the Caribbean (who in this version have a four-year-old tiger), which involves a lot of dress-up and make-up.

Only a day and a half to go 🙂

Be right back—I have to go see who is screaming and why.