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I’m in the throes of thesis juries these days, so thought I’d share a few gems I’ve read recently. These are amusing, but I have to say much better than anything I could produce in French or Hassiniya Arabic.


On the civil rights movement: After their enslavement, they obtained their legal rights but their unassimilated skin prevented them from becoming totally Americans.


On Poe: The murders like to make their victims suffer and kill them in an inexpressibly Gothic way.


And this one isn’t from a thesis, but from a description of a desert trip to the writer’s home village, but I thought it might brighten your day: …there is no paved road. The cars don’t move there. The only element of transportation is the donkeys. It is the first time for me to ride a donkey. The fear of falling is savingly reduced by the softness of the land constructed by sands and dunes which made obstacles reduced the donkeys from rushing faster. But I fall three times…My friends laughed everytime I fell. The caravan included some countryside people who glaring even me; they could not trust that anyone could fall from a donkey’s back…We arrived at the village. It is a long tired traveling, but it was a touristic one I ever did in my life.

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