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  1. Today I am much better, just dizzy with tiredness. But now Donn is sick. It’s terrible being sick at the same time as your spouse. Who will bathe my fevered brow and fetch me cold drinks? Not to mention I’m not quite up to fetching him cold drinks and waiting on him hand and foot either. Worst of all, he doesn’t have the same thing I’ve got. Instead of aches and a lowgrade fever, he’s got a terrible cold/cough and um, tummy issues, she said delicately. Life overseas tends to include lots of those. But I don’t want to get his illnesses! Plague stalks our dwelling. Already my nose is starting to run.
  2. Before he was struck down, Donn made it to Mauritel this morning and guess what?! Our billing problem has been solved! Alhumdullilah, as they say in Arabic.
  3. I let Elliot talk me into doing a 4-hour stint at his school’s Lire en Fete (basically a Celebration of Reading) this Thursday. I just got a note from the director telling me I’m running a booth! AUGH! HELP! I can’t do this all in French. My French is so rusty, after a year of reading thesis papers and teaching ESL and having all my French friends sign up for English classes and practice English with me. I was envisioning something a bit more behind the scenes, or perhaps reading “The Cat in the Hat” in English or something. After all they are all learning English. I’m so stressed. The things we do for our kids. But he said, “Please Mom, you never help at my school.” What would you have done?
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