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Yesterday, Elliot brought me breakfast in bed. His idea. No special occasion, unless you count that we’re (theoretically) all on vacation, and that he loves me and knows I’ve been stressed lately. The kids are on Spring Break for 2 weeks; last week and this. We closed Oasis Books (where I teach ESL) this week, but if you read my last post, you will see that I am not exactly on vacation.

Right now, he is making brownies—all by himself! His little brother is helping. Me, I’m sitting here at the computer. I am very happy about this. All I have to do is turn on the oven, and frankly, if we had an electric oven I’d let him, but what we have is a gas oven connected to a large bottle of butane called, appropriately enough in French, a gas bombe. They’re a little scary, frankly, especially as they all leak, so I’m sticking to lighting the match for now. The breakfast was really tasty—fried eggs, fried tomatoes, toast (slightly burned), marmalade, a double-shot of espresso (which my husband got up and made)—all presented with a beaming smile of pride. He loves to cook. I love to have him cook.

I had no idea when I had a little boy that he was going to be so handy! Such a good cook already, at 10 ½ ! I wonder if all those years of reading Thomas the Tank Engine, all that money spent on Brio and Brio rip-offs, is paying off? It always amused me that the goal of Thomas and Henry and Gordon and all those trains was to be a “useful engine.”

And we’re almost done with thesis papers! Only 2 more to go. And yes, as usual, the university has extended the deadline. They always do this. I really wish they would set a deadline and stick to it. Oh well; it’s not my responsibility. I had to reject a paper today, as it was so shoddily done—just paragraphs cribbed from various sources, cobbled together with no sense of meaning. I doubt the student had even read his own work! Sigh… But now he gets another chance.

Amusing sentence read: Romeo loved Juliet from the button of his heart. !!! This paper also had a section titled “Romantic Navel.” Now wouldn’t that make a great name for a band?

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